The Economic Impact of the Lack of Patient Engagement

Clinical Trials

$17B Avoidable Expense
  • Current solutions are high-friction, error prone, and delayed


$188B Potential Revenues
  • Patients don’t take drugs, resulting in lost Drug revenues


$100B Avoidable Cost
  • Patients stay sick resulting in more treatment costs

“..If Patient engagement were a drug, it would be a blockbuster drug of the century..” - Deloitte.

Customer Use Cases

Clinical Trials

  1. Competitive edge
  2. Accurate, real-time data capture
  3. Bottom-line cost reduction

Pharma Companies

  1. Enables value based pay
  2. Top-line revenues
  3. Gain insights about patient medicine taking behavioral data

Payers & Insurance

  1. Decreases Cost of providing healthcare
  2. Enables Value based Pay
  3. Accurate and convenient capture of Patient drug taking bevahior


Our is solution available today for Real-Time Patient Monitoring and Patient Engagement

The Annual cost of Patient’s non-adherence to medicine in US

Pacific Life Technologies

$ 0 B

Revenue Lost by Pharma

$ 0 B

Avoidable Cost for CROs

$ 0 B

Avoidable Expenses for Payers