The Economic Impact of Patient’s Non-Adherence

Clinical Trials

$17B Avoidable Expense
  • Adherence monitoring is error prone manual process
  • Non-adherence results in delays, cost-overruns


$188B Potential Revenues
  • Patients don’t take drugs, resulting in lost Drug revenues
  • Can’t relate drug cost ↔ efficacy


$100B Avoidable Cost
  • Patients stay sick
  • Can’t relate drug cost ↔ efficacy​

Our Solution


Leveraging miniaturized digital sensors, embedded in / stuck on multiple medicine packaging, our solution enables passive monitoring of patient’s medicine intake events, provides predictive interventions to improve patient’s adherence, active and passive patient interactions and enables sharing of these crucial data / analytics. Overall the system can be a complete loop solution, to monitor and improve patient adherence.

Use Cases

Clinical Trials

  1. Competitive edge
  2. Accurate, real-time data capture
  3. Bottom-line cost reduction

Pharma Companies

  1. Enables value based pay
  2. Top-line revenues
  3. Gain insights about patient medicine taking behavioral data

Payers & Insurance

  1. Decreases Cost
  2. Enables Value based Pay
  3. More accurate and convenient Data capture
  4. Offer to Subscribers, as a preventive care measure. Healthy subscribers reduce costs

Partners & Awards

Pacific Life Technologies provides Innovative adherence monitoring solutions that enables A.I. enabled automated real-time data monitoring and related capabilities.


Our is solution available today for Real-Time Patient Monitoring and Patient Engagement

The Annual cost of Patient’s non-adherence to medicine in US
$ 0 B

Revenue Lost by Pharma

$ 0 B

Avoidable Cost for CROs

$ 0 B

Avoidable Expenses for Payers

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